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Manticor Overview

Manticor is the first Exchange-grade Derivatives Trading Platform that complies with trusted jurisdictional guidelines. Trade Futures, Options and other non-linear contracts in safety. We have the fastest, in-class matching engine. No high-leverage gimmicks. No questionable trades.

Manticor offers futures, options (coming soon) and other structured products that are bought and sold with various, mature cryptocurrencies.

Manticor is a trusted, secure platform designed to both institutional- and exchange-grade trading specifications. Our matching engine is 10x faster than our nearest competitor.

Why Choose Manticor?

Our platform and contracts are designed for professional traders.

Best-in-Class Matching Engine

No Downtime. Fast 350,000 TPS. Built on Institutional-Grade Technology by Ex-Top Stock Exchange Professionals

Best-in-Class Custodial Services

Complete Asset Security. BitGo Multi-Sig Wallet Technology Protects All Assets

Best-in-Class Products

All Contracts Designed by Wall Street Derivatives Expert Professionals

Best-in-Class Trusted Platform

We Operate by the Rule of Regulated Exchanges. No Wash Trades. No Funky Leverage

Best-in-Class Liquidity

With our In-Depth Exchange and Market Making Experience, we know that Leverage and Market Depth is Key